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Soqi Bed Body Therapy $1 Per Min.

Help aid your body’s own healing process with this new & unique service. Helps to ease muscular aches, stiffness & strains, improve circulation, maximize nutritional intake & increase energy levels. A built-in infrared sauna promotes detoxification, weight loss & further relaxation as a natural environment is created for the body to re-energize & relax.

Electro Reflexology $1 Per Min.

This individualized foot session will sooth aching & tired feet by using an exceptional massaging technique. Helps to relieve aches, pains, tight muscles, improve circulation, reduce fatigue, as well as promote relaxation & wellness throughout the entire body.

Oxygen Therapy $1 Per Min.

Give your body a natural energy boost of healing power by giving it what it needs! These are just some of the amazing benefits of oxygen therapy: helps to increase energy levels, stabilizes the nervous system, improves sleep patterns, counters aging & reduces the risk of heart attacks by helping to strengthen the heart. It also aids in the relief of: headaches, migraines, hangover’s & stiff muscles by speeding up the body’s natural ability to heal.

Foot Bath Detox Treatment $45 (30 Min)

This full body detoxification occurs by simply sitting with your feet in a warm foot bath! Heavy metals are removed through 4000 pores on the feet, increasing energy levels & promoting faster disease & injury recovery. Helps to improve sleep, boost the immune system, as well as reduce fluid retention & headaches.

Relaxation Massage, 1 Hour $55

Reflexology 1 Hour $65, 1/2 Hour $45

Reflexology is an excellent treatment for overworked and overtired minds, bodies, and especially feet! It focuses on the reflex points in the hands and feet which correspond to the systems and organs in the body, by stimulating these points, we promote healing in the body as a whole.